Jetlag's Various Wing Commander Things

This is where I'll be storing various Wing Commander related things. New stuff should float to the top.

Wing Commander End Run Digitized
 September 9, 2005 — I don't know why I never updated but I made a newer version of the End Run PDF about 4 years ago. ZIP I think I have a list of typos somewhere, but I probably won't look for it or fix anything for another four years or so. First update for the year! Happy Twenty Ought Five!
 February 14th, 2001 — I scanned the cover in.
 February 2nd, 2001 — A lot of people want to read End Run but can't get a hold of it. It is not that rare but you still probably won't find it at any of the big book stores. Putting it online would be illegal, but Baen said they'd never reprint it anyway. Ethics aside, it is a pretty good book. Oh yeah, if you ever do come across this in a bookstore or online just go ahead and buy it. ZIP README

The Movie DVD Shopper's Comparison Guide
 September 9, 2005 — Huh? DVDs. did a real good job of deleting a more complete version of this page but oh well. That's what I get for editing online.

Site Restored, Welcome to, Not for Public Consumption, Yet
 August 29th, 2004 — I'm back. After blacklance changed hosts, lost some of my content, and cut off my access, I figured it was time for a change. I should have some updates coming soon.

 July 18th, 2001 — Using HCl's WC1View source code I managed to squeeze out a little VBasic program to turn the ship data into a common graphics file format. Which I then turned into this.

Bar Music
 July 15th, 2001 — Enjoy some bar music from Wing Commander III.

Site Re-Opened on
 July 9th, 2001 — New URL, new design, other new odds and ends. Thanks!

Wing Commander Movie 2nd Generation Script Digitized
 July 8th, 2001 — Note: This version is slightly newer than the one at the CIC, it fixes up some typos and formatting errors, etc.
 July 7th, 2001 — The best Wing Commander Movie ever made now comes to you in a way you were never meant to see. LOAF says this is the second version of the script, the third being the shooting script, which will probably show up at the CIC sometime in the future, and the first sitting out there somewhere just waiting to be sold on ebay. More fun than reading an episode of Hunter.

Wing Commander IV DVD 1.0
 June 30th, 2001 — I found an interesting DVD of WCIV, it is not the double sided MPEG-2 enhanced version, but a single sided labeled disc containing the original version fixed up for Windows and single disc distribution. What is very interesting is that is seems to have been made in December 1996, and we didn't even see retail DVD players until 1997. I noticed on the double sided version the tiny center label indicates "Version 2.0," so maybe this was 1.0? I'm looking into finding out where this came from... meanwhile check out the ReadMe and Ship Stats taken from the disc.

Wing Commander CCG
 May 22nd, 2001 — I now own 311 of the 314 cards in the CCG, the most recent two thanks to the generosity of a fellow wingnut. Also, I should note that the card list has three extra cards, one is the reverse side of a Confed card, the second is the reverse of the Kilrathi card, and the third is another Heart of the Tiger promo card, signed by Mark Hamill.
 April 20th, 2001 — 309 out of 314. I need Confed: Battle Damage / Tail Shot Off, Luck / Show Trial, Maniac / Maj. Todd Marshall, Modifier / TCS Sheffield, Kilrathi: Weapon System / Reaper Cannon. Thumbnails (click them for larger versions).
 April 18th, 2001 — Take a look at all of them together.

Mr. Kat
 April 25th, 2001 — He's big, he's fluffy, he's just great. But he still didn't bring daddy home. Sorry kid.

Wing Commander Rapier Desktops
 February 14th, 2001 — A modified F-44 on the obligatory checkered plane, and making a large planetary strike (environment completely stolen from this guy). I modelled them in notepad and rendered them in POV-Ray.

Wing Commander Armada: Voices of War Digitized
 February 9th, 2001 — This is that little gem of a manual that came with Armada, but if you have a classic version of the game you most likely only saw this in a SUPER CRAPPY BUGGY 16-BIT BACKWARDS NON-FUNCTIONAL version. Well, I think it is only right to have a PDF version at least. Enjoy. ZIP